Saturday, March 16, 2019

Collard Greens: Cooking Class at St. Helena's

Parkchester March, 16th, 2019 - St. Helena School Cafeteria

This time we focus on Collard Greens. By all means follow the link for an excellent piece on The World's Healthiest Foods about the nutritional powerhouse of Collard Greens.

Collard greens are also very versatile because the leaves are sturdy, so you can sort of make vegetable roti's or tacos or whatever you want to call them...

For our dinner today, we are making a salad, soup and collard green burritos, and we'll have some fruit for desert...

Due to a miscommunication, the whole event did not happen. So we had a


1 red leaf lettuce
1/2 red pepper
1/2 yellow pepper
1/2 green pepper
1 red onion
2 cooked beets (medium/small, or one large one)
as available, some table spoons of chia seeds (and/or milled flax seeds, or hemp hearts)
5 scoops of cooked quinoa (cold or warm, see below)
some parsley
some salad olives

1/2/3 dressing with lemon and lime (1 tbsp maple syrup, 2 tbsp dijon mustard, 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar)

Option, you could serve it with the quinoa warm and caramelized onions. That might be nicer on a cold day.


Miso Soup with Daikon and Collard Greens

Here is the simplest recipe:

We'll go slightly fancier today (for about 4 people):

4x3=12 cups of water
4x3=12 dried shiitake musrhooms
4x1=4 tbsp hijiki
4/1=4 tbsp wakame

1 daikon
4x3=12 leaves of collard greens (more if small)

1 firm style tofu (jury is out on that one, some swear by silky tofu. Suit yourself.)
6-12 scallions
4x2 tbsp red miso

4 rolls of soba noodles or whole grain ramen.

Collard Green Burritos

Note: Many ways to go here, and you can start with steamed collard green leaves or raw. In either case, you want to flatten the stem with a roller pin, or, you might shave off some of the stems with a knife, so the leaves are easier to roll.

rice or quinoa, or chunks of boiled sweet potato
low sodium black beans

some ripe avocado
some thinly sliced peppers
chopped onions (I prefer red)
some finely chopped garlic
cooked green beans
fresh spinach

some mushrooms, depending on variety can be raw or cooked.
some nutritional yeast
some kimchi for seasoning.

just out of interest, here is another interesting recipe: