Thursday, July 26, 2018

July #WFPB Supper at Neerob Restaurant

We had another lovely #WFPB supper at Neerob Restaurant, with the usual GABA Brown Basmati Rice, and dishes of Vegetables, preceded by a brilliant and very aromatic cucumber and tomato salad.

The vegetable dishes included a dish of yellow split lentils with malabar spinach (poi leaf), a delicious dish with Okra, a dish with Broccoli and a dish with Cauliflower.

All in all it was a glorious meal and a perfect example of how good plant-based meals can be.

Khokon, the owner of Neerob Restaurant was one of the people who very quickly "got it," once I explained to him the first time how to cook without oil. Muhammed Mujumder stopped by to sample some of the meal as well...

L-R: Rogier, Mujumder, Khokon, Fr. David

Friday, July 6, 2018

ShopRite at Bruckner Commons: Who Would'uv Thunk It?

Our neighborhood was just greatly enriched with a new ShopRite at Bruckner Commons. It is a magnificent improvement to the quality of life in our area.

This time, I am not going to use a lot of words, but I will provide some of the pictures, and then at another time I will provide some more detailed explorations of what the store has to offer for the #WFPB shopper. First however, I will analyze the little shopping bag I brought home and explain why I will be going back to this store probably once a week, or certainly every week or two, despite the fact that I have a great selection nearby. Simply put, ShopRite has enough specialty items that I cannot get everywhere, except downtown or on-line. So here goes with my shopping bag:

My Shopping Bag

  • A roll of polenta $6.99 - I can't find that around here, only downtown, until now. Recipe:
  • Celery Root $2.61 - I can get it sometimes at the farmer's market at Virginia Park. A recipe: shred it, and make a salad of it by marinating overnight with raisins, lemon and honey.
  • Radiccio $2.25 - have to go downtown for that one, until now. Recipe: shred it and add to any salad.
  • Artichokes, 3 for $5 - same thing, down town only, until now. Recipe: boil in water until you can pull out the leaves (20-30 mins), and eat with a 3/2/1 dressing with lemon or lime.
  • Belgian Endives $3.74 - and gain, down town only, until now... Recipe: core them. Use in salads sliced thin, or make a salad with a 3/2/1 dressing with lemon or lime, with some walnuts and some raisins.
  • Steel Cut Oats, Wholesome Pantry, 30 Oz. $3.19 (10.63 cents/Oz). For recipes, see the links below.
For those who have followed my oatmeal shopping expedition, this store label organic steel cut oats is a great value at $0.11/Oz., on a par with buying organic steel cut oats in bulk downtown. Here, by the way is my major post on oatmeal, which is truly the breakfast of champions.

On a tour: Without a lot of comments, here is a visual tour, pictures taken in haste, but I will revisit some of the sections in the future. This store is on my itinerary now.

Oat milk
They believe in salad

 The possibilities are endless...

Fruit galore

Veggies, veggies

Polenta rolls


And finally, here comes Angela Vita. Ask her anything, be specific about your diet. She definitely does know what a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet is all about:
Angela Vita - Retail Nutritionist

Whole Grain Pastas

Some real finds in the frozen section, helping you to always be ready!

Sprouted breads

P.S. Angela attended the Hunter College Food as Medicine Summit in 2017:

At the Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center