Thursday, July 26, 2018

July #WFPB Supper at Neerob Restaurant

We had another lovely #WFPB supper at Neerob Restaurant, with the usual GABA Brown Basmati Rice, and dishes of Vegetables, preceded by a brilliant and very aromatic cucumber and tomato salad.

The vegetable dishes included a dish of yellow split lentils with malabar spinach (poi leaf), a delicious dish with Okra, a dish with Broccoli and a dish with Cauliflower.

All in all it was a glorious meal and a perfect example of how good plant-based meals can be.

Khokon, the owner of Neerob Restaurant was one of the people who very quickly "got it," once I explained to him the first time how to cook without oil. Muhammed Mujumder stopped by to sample some of the meal as well...

L-R: Rogier, Mujumder, Khokon, Fr. David

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