Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Herbal Toothpaste Post

Say that three times fast... the Herbal Toothpaste post, the Herbal Toothpaste post, the Herbal toothpaste post. In any case, living in what is supposed to be the most ethnically diverse district in the Bronx, with 180,000 residents and 72 ethnicities, many wonderful shopping options arise. Starling Avenue has become a little Bangladesh, intermingled with african, and many other influences.

Herbal Toothpaste on Starling Avenue

I recently discovered one of the benefits is great choices for herbal toothpaste. If you go to the main stream drug stores, there are hardly any fluoride-free choices, usually maybe one or two, but on Starling Avenue I found a long list of options, excellent herbal toothpastes at stores like Friends Grocery & Halal Meat at the corner of Starling and Olmstead, and Banglatown Supermarket at 2169 Starling Avenue.

Most of these toothpastes are based on either Peelu, or Neem, both of which are excellent, some are a bit more complex. You will find a few that have fluoride, so you have to read the labels.

The story with fluoride is becoming more gruesome by the minute, and if you want the latest, check up on the story at FluorideAlert, The Fluoride Action Network. The bottom line is fluoride in drinking water causes more problems than it solves, and should be avoided at all costs. Theoretically, fluoride might be beneficial to teeth by topical application, so putting it in toothpaste and mouthwash might be justified, but overall we are getting too much of it, and many smart people buy fluoride-free toothpaste for that reason. Here is some more good info about fluoride alternatives,

Here are some of the toothpastes I found recently, including two of my favorite toothpastes:

  1. From India: Neem/Miswak Complete Refreshing Dental Care, 100% Vegetable based, based on Black Seed, Baking Soda, Neem leaves, Mint leaves, and Cloves. It tastes great. You can get it online at Essential Palace. This is a great toothpaste, it leaves your mouth feeling fresh.
  2. From India: Vicco Ayurvedic Medicine for Gums and Teeth. This is another one of my faves. It is based on a whole raft of Ayurvedic herbal ingredients. I picked up my most recent tube at Banglatown. From Vicco Labs.
  3. From Pakistan: Miswak, Hamcard Peelu Toothpaste.
  4. And three more from India, from a company called Dabur International, another maker of Ayurvedic products:
    1. Dabur Herbal Toothpaste, Neem.
    2. Dabur Red
    3. Dabur Meswak Toothpaste.
In short, choices galore, try one or try them all, something to feel good about.

Here is a comment from Declan Waugh, the famous Irish fluoride researcher, posted on 1/26/16:
It appears to me that fluoridated toothpaste is a lot more dangerous than people realize and more hazardous than the toothpaste industry want anyone to know. Its quite alarming how much fluoride can be ingested/swallowed and absorbed through the oral cavity, particularly in infants and children. Considering the availability of fluoridated toothpaste and that it represents approx 98% of all toothpaste sales, it is absolutely INSANE that any government would further compromise public health by putting fluoridation chemicals in public water.

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