Thursday, April 12, 2018

More Good Uses of Plants: Improving Indoor Air Quality

In 1997, a book appeared with the title How to grow fresh air: 50 house plants that purify your home or office, by B. C. Wolverton. It was based on research from NASA about how plants can clean up indoor air, and there is a lot of great advice in the book that will help you pick the plants that will improve your indoor air quality.

We are currently working with a neighborhood florist, Miguel's Flower Shop at 1878 Cross Bronx Expressway to help create more awareness of this issue.

Miguel regularly carries most of the plants in the book, and he has a copy of the book available.

Here is a wall hanger with two different types of Sansevieria from Miguel's by my  bedroom window.

Sansevieria and also Aloe Vera produce oxygen at night, so they are ideal plants for the bedroom, whereas you want to avoid "normal" plants for the bedroom, since they will consume oxygen at night.
Aura gets her first Sansevieria

And here is Aura Meija buying a Sansevieria for her bedroom also. Aura has helped producing the Spanish version of a flyer for plants that clean the air for Miguel.

Miguel has a copy of the book in the store, and he can usually supply most of the plants that are mentioned in there, so be sure to talk to him, if you would like to make your indoor air healthier.

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