Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Our November 18 #WFPB dinner at Neerob

Just to commemorate our latest supper at Neerob, here are some pictures from this remarkable evening.

Three Salads in one Bowl!

At the table.
The entire group
We frankly devoured our dinner and Neerob did an extraordinary job. They are clearly experimenting with different dishes and aiming to get their PPC Restaurant campaign qualification by January.

The main thing on the agenda was the possbility of launching a Oasis Jumpstart program in the Bronx and to that end, the following resources are possibly involved in creating such a solution:

  • IFH clinic in Soundview 
  • St. Helena's School Cafeteria & monthly cooking class
  • ShopRite Bruckner
  • Neerob Restaurant
  • Possibly the Sonia Sotomayor Center
  • Dr. Joel Posner at Monterfiore East
It remains important to see how there is a core support system growing in our district with the following main geographic area:

Plant-based support in Community Board #9

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