Thursday, March 8, 2018

Amit Goswami - The Quantum Doctor

The Quantum Doctor: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral MedicineThe Quantum Doctor: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine by Amit Goswami
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Crystal clear. The mind of the patient is the healer. As much as that was metaphysically clear to me before from Advaita and Buddhism and later from A Course in Miracles, having Goswami's explanation based purely in quantum physics really helps flesh it out more.
Ever since I've started to live the Whole Foods, Plant-based lifestyle, it is clear to me that while this model 'empowers' the patient, that this is in and of itself futile, and leaves you stuck with no way out, unlerss you knew you had a mind which is capable of making a different decision.
You get no further than the mechanistic reasoning of The Pleasure Trap, which explains nothing, although it makes you more aware of the mechanics of food addiction. Shifting the focus to the mind (and not the brain) really facilitates the realization that the mind can make a different decision, that I don't want to live like that any more. The healing modalities are then a matter of choice. The Whole Foods Plant-Based diet then is just one healing modality, albeit a big one.

Had Goswami really known about it, he would not have had his bypass operation, nor would he have made an exception for allopathy in respect of cholesterol lowering drugs or viagra, since high cholesterol and ED are purely symptoms of the bad diets that lead to cardiovascular disease, and there is no reason not to change your diet once you understand that. He would also have understood the real reason that the genetic angle is largely pointless because of T. Colin Campbell's clear demonstration that cancer is 90% nurture and not nature. In other words, cell damage is unavoidable if you do any living and while it is always good to reduce your exposure to known carcinogens, there is no way to do so 100%. Campbell's research proved clearly that cell damage must be supported by bad nutrition in order to lead to cancer. In a high nutritional state cell damage is less likely to occur, for your body will have plenty of anti-oxidants, but beyond that animal proteins are the fuel that eventually produces cancer, and you now have the ability to avoid them.

The upshot is, for me, that the Whole Foods, Plant-Based lifestyle shifts the action to the mind of the patient. Things like The Pleasure Trap help explain and understand the addiction to bad food, but it is the realization, with Goswami, that the mind is in charge of the body, introduces the meaningful possibility of a different decision. We choose healing, and the particular modalities are then mostly a matter of personal preference, what works for you. The Quantum Doctor is the new paradigm where the mind of the patient is in charge of the healing, and this wipes away the mechanistic, body-centered, and ultimately Newtonian paradigm of allopathy, but it equally wipes away the silly paradigm of naturopathy of mind-body-spirit, which explains nothing. Once we start understanding the primacy of the mind in healing, new things become possible.

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