Thursday, April 4, 2019

Starting #WFPB in April, Episode 3

Breakfast easy, peasy

Today, I started with an orange and a pear, while heating up the oatmeal from the other day (I always cook oatmeal for two days), so all I had to do was slice up a banana, add some fresh milled flax seeds (I mill it for a week at a time in my Magic Bullet - see my plant-based kitchen gear collection - and I keep it in a jar in the fridge. milled flax seed just loses its nutritional quality if it lays around for two long, that is why I mill it myself). No strawberries today - I should visit the Keyfoods on Union port, they usually have some of the best selections of berries. Add some hemp hearts (1 tbps) and a drizzle of balsamic et voilĂ .

Then a cup of steamed kale with sweet potato, mustard seeds, garlic and balsamic.

Zit. That's all folks.

Quick lunch, Cucumber salad and Ramen soup

Cucumber salad

Budget #WFPB No. 1: Ramen

Check out my post on Budget #WFPB No. 1: Ramen for details. Today, I will add some daikon, which I had run out of yesterday.
Meanwhile notice that the Ramen I use is made from Organic Brown Rice and Millet (Lotus foods).

For the rest, I want to make a beet salad tonight, so I am putting 2 beets in the Instant Pot, and they will be ready when I need them. These gadgets are better than having your own cook ;-)

Dinner, regular salad with beets, 

Beet salad

cooked beets, finely cut-up onion, lemon juice - plus some minced garlic if you wish...

Rachel Ray has the best way to cut up an onion...

My preferred method is slightly different, I take off the top with a paring knife, so that its flat, then I put down the onion upside down, and cut it in two with my prep knife or a chef knife. Then I make the incisions not vertically as on this video but on the diagonal towards the center line. After that, you can cut it as thin or as wide as you want for the give purpose. Most of the time I like them very thin, especially for salad.

By the way, beets count as a leafy green, keep that in mind for you want 4-6 portions of leafy greens per day.

Main dish

Oh well, I ran late and I just reheated some of the black/brown rice mixture with Thai veggies. Excellent combo, for the black rice has a bit of a sweet, earthy flavor which balances well with the hot and spicy Thai veggies.

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